Medieval week of the legend of Sant Jordi de Montblanc

Medieval week of the legend of Sant Jordi de Montblanc

It has its origin in  1987 when a group of people in Montblanc decided to recuperate the legend which, according to the Catalan writer about customs and manners Joan Amades, places the fight of Saint George and the Dragon in front of Montblanc town walls. At the beginning it was a complement of the Feast and Fair of ‘Sant Maties’, but, due to the great acceptance, the Medieval Association of Saint George’s Legend was created (1988) so as to promote the celebration of cultural and recreational activities related to the Middle Ages and the legend of Saint George.

During two weeks the streets and squares of the town are festooned with the colours of the four noble houses and the towers and walls are embellished with the noble flags and standards. The most important acts are the concentration of dragons and fire, the medieval market, the performance of Saint George’s legend, the medieval supper, the scenes of medieval life and the performance of the Catalan Courts.

Associació Medieval de la Llegenda de Sant Jordi (Medieval Association of Saint George’s Legend)

*Montblanc is  part of the European Association of Saint George’s Routes and of the Spanish Federation of Feasts and Historical Recreations.

Calendar: Around April 23