Hiking in Poblet Natural Site with audio guide

Rondarium is a new concept of activity that offers the possibility of hiking discovering an area of ​​great natural value envoltatls the Cistercian monastery of Poblet environment that will bring a unique personal experience with the help of an audio guide.

Rondarium proposes the performance of different paths or "rounds" around the magnificent mountains of Prades and provides hosting service at the inn Poblet.

Rounds are circular routes with departure and arrival Poblet and paths and trails that run through different places of great scenic Forest of Poblet. Routes with a set of points of interest are located in different places to explore and meet unique.

Can choose to do different rounds by selecting the distance and level of difficulty appropriate physical and technical profile of street life. Each of the rounds is done with the help of a technical "self-Round Guide" that provides all the information you need to make sure the itinerary chosen.

The cards are differentiated by the corresponding color according to the level of difficulty and distance.

Combining the different rounds you can hear our landscapes, our people live with and know their history.