The Iberian city of El Molí d'Espígol opens free to the public on the last Saturday in November and December

The Iberian city of El Molí d'Espígol opens free to the public on the last Saturday in November and December

·         On Saturday, November 30 and Saturday, December 28, the site will open its doors and at 12 noon a free guided tour will be organized.

·         You will be able to visit the new museography of the visitor center and the audiovisual Atanagrum that shows, with the plastic beauty of the illustrations by the illustrator Albert Àlvarez Marsal and the scientific rigor provided by the archaeologists, the epicenter that was the site of the context of the Second Punic War.


The Iberian Mill of Espígol city will be open to the public for free on the last Saturdays of November and December in order to facilitate access to the public and to publicize the site. Thus, on Saturday, November 30 and Saturday, December 28 the site will be open for free, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and at 12 noon a free guided tour will be organized.

A proposal that aims to guarantee the opening to the public of the site and with which we want to contribute to value one of the most remarkable and well-preserved settlements of the Iberian people of the Ilergets. Payment visits with prior reservation will also be maintained with the aim of facilitating visitor access to the site throughout the year.


The Iberian city of the Espígol Mill

The Iberian city of El Molí d'Espígol is considered to be one of the most important Iberian sites in Catalonia. According to the specialists, it is one of the most prominent urban centers of the ilergeta culture. The investigations show that it was a political and economic center of the first order, which suggests that it could be identified with the ancient city of Atanagrum, the capital of the ilergets according to the Roman historian Titus Livi.


Renewed equipment

The Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency has renewed during 2019 the museography of the host center for visitors to the Iberian city of El Molí de l'Espígol with the elaboration of new interpretative contents and the creation of an audiovisual that explains the history of the well-known capizillos ilergets Indíbil and Mandoni.


The museum renovation project consisted in the elaboration of a new museum discourse and the installation of new exhibition panels at the center. The texts, written in Catalan, Spanish, English and French, summarizes the cultural characteristics of so-called Iberian peoples, tell the story of the people and expose ilergeta urban characteristics of the city Iberian Lavender's Mill.


One of the outstanding aspects of the work has been the elaboration of a hypothetical recreation of the Iberian city of the Mill of Espígol, realized by the sketcher Albert Àlvarez Marsal. The image of the city is based on the results of the archaeological campaigns and the interpretations made by archaeologists and is a first-order resource to improve the understanding of the site. The project has been completed with the development of the audiovisual Atanagrum.


Audiovisual Atanagrum

The audiovisual, which is titled Atanagrum, explains the history of the ilergets to survive the war that faced the two great nations of the time: Rome and Carthage. In particular, he tells the story of alliances, betrayals and confrontations that starring the two mythical Indiber and Mandoni lame chiefs. Ilergets were the Iberian people inhabited by the rivers Segre and Cinca. Classical sources speak it from the 6th century BC. and we know them through the Greek and Roman history books that explain their involvement in the great wars of their time and, especially, during the Second Punic War that faced Rome and Carthage for the rule of the Mediterranean. The outcome of the war and the insolvent revolts of Indíbil and Mandoni, caused that finally the ilergets were put under and Romanized. Trailer:

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